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Professional profile photos

A good headshot photo makes you look confident, approachable and professional.

Get a fresh profile photo for your website or LinkedIn!

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Business headshots for LinkedIn in colour

Custom portrait sessions on location

With a more personalized portrait session, we shoot on location.

This in-depth portrait session yields a variety of photos you can use for your website, online bio, speaking engagements, and more.

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Business lifestyle

Your business has personality and character, just like your employees.

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Get creative photos of your team in action for annual reports and websites.

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Event photos

Get photo coverage of your special events: Conferences, workshops, awards ceremonies, parties.

Share the photos easily through a private online gallery.

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Here’s some feedback from satisfied clients…

“Esther did an absolute bang-on job for my new LinkedIn profile pic.”

– Bassam

Business profile photo for LinkedIn

“She put me at ease immediately, which ensured that my professional headshots turned out beautifully!”

– Emily

Business headshot for recent graduate in legal field

“I was working on a strict deadline and Esther was able to work with me to turn them around very quickly.”

– Aaron

Black and white academic portrait for grant application