Business portraits for consultants

Carl works as a partner in a full-service IT consulting and advisory firm. Since his company covers recruitment and hiring talent in the IT sector, he has many opportunities to meet new people. He needed fresh business portraits to maintain his professional branding online.

For the shoot, we met in Old Montreal, where I have several favourite locations for business portraits.

After about 45 minutes to 1 hour of the photoshoot, we had a full collection of business portraits Carl could use for a variety of purposes. We including close-up headshots, head-to-toe portraits, and photos in both landscape and portrait orientations so he would be able to use the images in a variety of website or marketing settings.


    IT consultant looking for business portraits for his website and social media


    Old Montreal, Quebec


    Business portraits

Business portraits in Montreal - Man in suit smiling

Do you need new business portraits?

Black and white business portrait of businessman
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