Professional photos for small business owners

Melody and Andres are entrepreneurs preparing to launch a business in Montreal. They contacted me to set up a photoshoot for their language training start-up. They needed a variety of images to represent their new business on their website and in social media.

Two small business founders working on their laptops at a large wooden desk with a whiteboard behind them

Small business founder portraits

During the photo session, I took a variety of individual portraits for the two business founders. Headshots and three-quarter portraits they could use to introduce themselves online. We also took formal team portraits.

Small business owner headshot in black and white
Female entrepreneur portrait
Casual portrait of entrepreneur
Friendly small business owner photo at desk
Friendly employee photo at desk
Small business team photo
Small business team photo

Lifestyle small business photos

We also took a variety of candid photos of the two entrepreneurs at work, so they could populate their website with real photos.

Casual portrait of small business owners

Humanize your company

Photos of actual employees in a friendly office environment give a business website a real personality that stock photos can’t provide. Authenticity is important in today’s market. And real photos of your team give a huge boost to your authenticity and build trust with your future clients.


    Start-up founders looking for small business photography for their website.


    Rental office in Montreal


    Small business photography

Need photos to launch a small business?

If you’re starting a small business and need natural photos for your website or social media, feel free to get in touch for a quote.

You can use real images of your small business to boost authenticity on your company website, in presentations, in annual reports and on social media.