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BRDC – Dance cast headshots

Photographing a dance troupe

Black and white cast headshots

dance troupe cast photos Carlos Reyes

The Ballet Raices de Colombia is a Montreal-based dance troupe and school that performs folkloric Colombian choreographies at festivals across Canada, including the Week-ends du monde au Parc Jean-Drapeau and the Festival International de Percussions. Under the leadership of ballet director Carlos Reyes, the team of dancers takes the stage to share Colombian culture and to contribute to Canada’s multicultural nature.

I provided black and white cast headshots for the ballet members. The dance troupe was looking for classical black and white photos of each of the members with a uniform look for team cohesion. We used the same lighting set up on everyone to get a consistent, traditional style for all the cast headshots.

Professional cast photos

If you’re looking for team photos of dancers, actors or employees, feel free to get in touch with me.

Just provide some details about your photo project (number of headshots needed, style desired), and I will give you a custom quote.

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