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Groupe Lavigne – Corporate photos

Corporate photos of employees in action

Groupe Lavigne provides human resource development services to companies who want their employees to improve skills like leadership, management, negotiation and customer service.

Their consultants work on-location with different businesses to help train and develop talent among the employees.

  • CASE STUDY: This HR consulting company was looking for fresh business photos of their team in action to share on social media.
  • LOCATION: Offices of Groupe Lavigne
  • CATEGORY: Business portraits
Photo of business founder leading a team meeting
Photo of consultant giving workshop

Candid, editorial images: a powerful style of corporate photos

Groupe Lavigne was looking for a series of corporate photos they could use on their website and social media to showcase their training team.

Rather than pose as a group for portraits, this company chose to have me come into their offices one afternoon and document an intracompany workshop. This gave me plenty of opportunities to capture their consultants in action as they presented brief training segments to the rest of the team.

Through these candid photos, future clients will get a better sense of what workshops with this company are like.

Showing behind the scenes of a business gives it more authenticity and trustworthiness. It’s a powerful marketing tool.

Team business headshots

Following the workshop, we also took the time to update the consultants’ headshots.

Their new business portraits give the team a cohesive, professional look.

Time to showcase your business

If you’re looking for corporate photos to showcase your team at work in an editorial way, please get in touch.

Hiring a photographer is a very easy way to get real images of your business that you can use in your annual report, your company website and social media marketing.

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