Hi! My name is Esther Gibbons. I believe people are beautifully imperfect and photos should be authentic and human. I live in Montreal, Quebec. I love taking advantage of our lovely city for all kinds of portrait photography locations. From the classic stone architecture of Old Montreal, to colourful murals in Mile-End, from industrial areas with great texture, to lush green parks, there’s so many perfect places for photoshoots. As a full-time wedding and portrait photographer, I’m very used to adapting to different locations and lighting conditions. Helping people feel comfortable in front of the camera has also become part of what I do best! My approach to taking portraits is collaborative. We’ll work together to set up the vision for your photos, create a plan together before the photoshoot, then I’ll create the photos with your friendly participation. I’ll keep the session fun and stress-free so you can relax and get photos that feel like you. I’m looking forward to working with you to make great photos!
Smiling photographer
Photo: Nadia Zheng