Lifestyle photoshoot for software company

Phil contacted me to set up a lifestyle business photoshoot for his software company. He wanted a set of images that would give an authentic representation of the work environment, the client/consultant working relationship and the company’s branding.

Phil’s company does software QA, but in his briefing for the business photoshoot, he mentioned he wanted to show a friendly face, with some relaxing lifestyle images to present the process he uses when meeting his clients either for the first time, or to estimate a new project.

Business photoshoot with start up company

Business photoshoot for website

During the business photoshoot, I took a variety of in-action images as Phil and his associate re-enacted a meeting setting. Phil set up a typical presentation and ran through it so we could have in action candid photos. These lifestyle environment photos show off the company’s down-to-earth vibe and the experience of working with these specialists for software QA consultation.

Business photoshoot
Lifestyle business photoshoot for company
Business photoshoot in Montreal
Business photoshoot in Montreal
Business photoshoot in Montreal
Lifestyle business photoshoot in Montreal
Work environment photoshoot
Lifestyle business photoshoot in Montreal

Software consultant photoshoot

We took a variety of candid photos of Phil at work, so he could populate his website with branding images.

Business photoshoot for Montreal companies

Branding images for your company

Doing a business photoshoot with your team in a office environment is a great way to brand your company online. It gives a real feeling of credibility and transparency that stock images can’t provide. These online images of you and your company help build trust with future clients.


    Software company photoshoot for branding images for website


    Office in Montreal


    Business photography

Need photos to launch a small business?

If you need a business photoshoot for your website or social media, feel free to get in touch for a quote.

You can use on-brand images of your business for your company website, in presentations, in annual reports and on social media.