Female corporate photo portraits

Peggy – Corporate photos

Professional business portraits

Corporate portraits

Peggy contacted me looking for corporate photos for a new business venture.  

This businesswoman had 3 specific photo needs in mind:

  • a strong headshot
  • a full-length business portrait
  • a portrait of her seated at a desk
Female entrepreneur portrait

three-quarter-length business portrait
Black and white female business photo
Black and white female business photo

Lighting corporate photos

Although office spaces may seem bright and well lit, the mixed fluorescent or incandescent lighting used in offices usually doesn’t look great in photos.

When I can’t take my portrait subjects outside, I prefer turning off the overhead lighting to use only the natural light available from windows.

I can also use additional photographic lighting from flashes.

For this photo session, I used flash lighting and reflectors to provide good quality light in the dim office.

  • CASE STUDY: Female entrepreneur looking for corporate photos for a business project.
  • LOCATION: Office in Montreal
  • CATEGORY: Corporate photos

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