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Sandra – Business headshots

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Simple business headshots

Sandra is a Montreal entrepreneur and she emailed me looking for business headshots.

She was starting a business venture and wanted to have a simple professional photo of herself online to represent her to new clients and potential investors.

Entrepreneur portraits

For this portrait session, Sandra and I worked together to get some natural portraits in an office space.

We ended up choosing this white background (which was just a blank wall in the office). The white background gives the portrait a minimal look and keeps the viewer’s attention on her face.

Her business photoshoot took only about 30 minutes.

It was a fast and easy way to get a new online look.

Present yourself in a professional way

Whether you are creating a new business, launching a website or exploring your employment opportunities, strong business headshots can help.

Potential clients and investors will likely search for you online after meeting you.

When they come home from a networking event, they’ll look at your business card.

Then they’ll type your name into the search bar on their computer.

You want the first results to look professional.

With a business headshot, you’ll be taken seriously.

  • CASE STUDY: Montreal entrepreneur was looking for new business headshots for a venture
  • LOCATION: Office space in downtown Montreal
  • CATEGORY: Headshots

Business headshots
Business headshots

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