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  • CASE STUDY: Business coach looking for relaxed branding photos
  • LOCATION: Old Montreal
  • CATEGORY: Business headshots

Raf was a finance manager looking for new career possibilities in business coaching and training.

He wanted new profile photos that didn’t say “corporate” but instead made him look approachable and relaxed.

We worked together to get some natural friendly portraits.

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Head to toe photo of entrepreneur

Redefine your online brand

New profile photos can help set the visual tone of your website.

If you’re starting a new job, changing careers or breaking into a new industry, fresh business portraits can get your message across.

How do you want to present your brand to potential clients and partners?

  • reliable, serious and traditional?
  • professional and confident?
  • empathetic and caring?
  • down-to-earth and no frills?
  • youthful and spontaneous?

Whatever your brand personality, quality profile photos are an essential part of business marketing.

Refresh your online look with new profile photos

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